Beyond Cost Plus Programs

An outline of the Beyond Cost Plus sessions available for industry conventions – designed to send attendees home with the skill to price more profitably.

Beyond Cost Plus programs have proven to be very popular at floral industry trade shows and conventions. Every program is designed to send florists back to their shops with the knowledge and tools to price for greater sales and profits. Attendees appreciate the way this business content compliments the design that comprises the majority of most events - they can be inspired by great design and learn the skills to price those designs profitably.


The pricing class was phenomenal...the presenter was great (and I usually avoid the business classes).

Participant in the 2015 GLFE Sessions


These sessions are typically sponsored by FloristWare, a POS system for retail florists, meaning that there is no cost to the event organizer. FloristWare will cover all of the expenses.

For more information on the individual programs can be found below. For more information on booking a Beyond Cost Plus session at your event please call 888.531.3012 x5.

Beyond Cost Plus Program Details

More Profitable Retail Pricing For Your Flower Shop

What movie theaters, ice cream and fast food combos can teach us about pricing, and how you can apply those techniques to improve profits in your shop.

A More Profitable Way To Quote Weddings and Events

A new way to quote weddings and events that results in more sales and larger profits by self-streaming customers according to how they value your product.

Profitable Pricing Workshop

A longer program that includes material from other sessions, this covers everything a florist needs to profitably price both their retail and event work.

Sponsored by FloristWare

Beyond Cost Plus is sponsored by FloristWare, a flower shop point of sale software system, designed to help real florists be more successful. This sponsorship is part of their ongoing commitment to supporting florists.

FloristWare – flower shop software/POS system.